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SEAS is a collection of eclectic and inspired artwork from the talented artists of the Southeast Convention Circuit including abstract, unique,

and comic style artwork ranging from sketches,

to concepts, to illustrations, and more.  SEAS objective is to provide more publicity and publishing opportunities to showcase

these artists and share their artwork

with the world.

Interested in submitting your artwork!!!

1.  SEAS Art Book is about representing your own personal art, style, and design concepts.  ONLY original creator owned images will be accepted.  ONLY non-copyrighted characters/concepts will be accepted. 

2.  Submit two promotional images that you feel represent yourself to be used for the SEAS website.  These images should include your name and the title of the artwork in the file name and be at least 5x7, 100dpi.  I will personally follow up with you upon submission.

4.  Selected artists will become part of the financial rewards system.  A percentage of the net profit will be divided among the artists a percentage will be given to charity.

3.  That's it!  From there you can follow the additional details below to hit our deadlines for the SEAS Art Book Kickstarter campaign.


The 2020 Roster is full!!!

Prepare your artwork for next year!!!  Thanks so much!!!

SEAS is Now On Kickstarter!!! 
Subscribe for info about the 2021 Project

Final Submission Requirements and Guidelines

1.  My goal is to launch the Kickstarter May 15, 2020.

2.  The submission deadline is May 1, 2020.  

3.  Submitted images must follow the format below to accommodate organizational needs.  Including the artist name and title of artwork in the file name are required.  Tiff, jpeg, png, and psd file types will be accepted.



     (example)  JohnDoe_DarkArts_6x10.tiff


4.  Submitted images are required to be at least 300dpi to meet printing standards. 

5.  The artist showcase page will ideally utilize 1(or two) image(s) with a combined maximum scale of 9x12.  The second artist showcase page will utilize 2-5 additional artworks.  Layout will be based on the artists style to accommodate the page design.

6.  Artists are required to submit the following in order to be included...

          -Name/Company/Project Info

          -A short bio

          -Location(city and/or state and/or region)

          -Social media links

          -Additional notes or credits

7.  Upon receiving the artworks each artist will receive an Artist Licensing Agreement.  Your artwork is yours and yours alone.  SEAS will use your art in the book and for promotion purposes only.


That's it!  Pretty simple and straightforward.


Final details...

1.  The goal is a successful campaign.  The campaign goal will include funding for one copy of the book to each artist showcased.  Our combined efforts to promote the Kickstarter via self-promotion and informing our social media contacts is vital to the success of SEAS.

2.  All artists showcased will be able to purchase copies of the book at-cost.  You are free to sell these copies at your discretion at whatever price you determine.  Once the Kickstarter has been funded and requested copies per artist have been submitted I will get you the at-cost prices of the book.  The more successful the campaign the lower the cost per book.  Additional rewards will be available to artists based on the success of the Kickstarter Campaign.



Let me know if you have any questions.

Barringer Fox Wingard III

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