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X-Men: Apocolypse

Title: Shotmodel Supervisor

Description:  I was working on another film when Digital Domain landed this project and being the huge comic fan that I am, I was hoping I would get an opportunity to work on it. Luckily, the opportunity arrived and I was asked to help out with shotmodel, scene fix and clean up needs. 


At the beginning of the film we see what appears to be an elderly Apocolypse transferring his energy into a human being with the help from his Four Horsemen. Outside of the Egyptian pyramid were the transference is taking place the locals carry out an uprising against their leaders.  The entire scene is extremely intense with a delicate procedure being performed while warring entities battle both within and outside the temple.

For this scene my primary job was to ensure that our digital doubles perfectly matched the live action actors as the camera rotating around them.  Generally this would be considered a medium difficulty match move process and would have been done by a different department, however as camera rotated around the actors/digital doubles their bodies were also changing shape and transforming both on the adjusted comp and the individual digital doubles.  It became a very detailed process of matching both correct anatomy and adjusting for the shifting forms.  Fun times!

This is favorite scene in the movie and contains some of the shots I am most proud to have worked on.



Official Trailer




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